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What is Fortune Cookie Live?

Fortune Cookie Live is a sweepstakes enterprise that is fully owned and operated by Bill Madden. The core objective of Fortune Cookie Live is to establish itself as a premier sweepstakes provider, bringing unparalleled enjoyment and entertainment to sweepstakes enthusiasts across the entire country.

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It is not uncommon for gaming companies to provide sweepstakes with various prizes. In fact, this practice has been prevalent for some time and is still ongoing, with many companies actively engaging in such promotional activities.

What are "Sweepstakes"?

How do I get verified?

In order to verify your identity, including your full name, date of birth, and residential address, we require submission of a document that is typically issued by a government entity. Please note that the following documents are acceptable for this purpose:

  • driver's licence;

  • passport; or

  • identity card.

Please be advised that the document submitted for identity verification must be currently valid. As an additional measure to ensure the authenticity of the submitted document, we may request that you upload a photo or a real-time selfie image of yourself through our dedicated portal for cross-checking purposes.

How long does it take to get verified?

What is the Risk Laws Will Just Change?

The likelihood of a regulatory shift in the US with regard to sweepstakes promotion is relatively low. This is primarily due to the fact that sweepstakes are governed at the state level, necessitating a change in legislation across all 50 states.

Moreover, given the vast number of businesses, including multinational corporations, that employ sweepstakes promotion as a key marketing strategy, any proposed regulatory changes would carry significant ramifications and could potentially be met with opposition.

Is a Sweepstakes Gambling?

Gambling and sweepstakes are two distinct concepts, despite sharing some similarities. Gambling generally involves staking money or other valuable items with the hope of winning a prize or some form of monetary gain. In contrast, sweepstakes are promotional events in which prizes are awarded to randomly selected winners based on chance.

One of the primary differences between gambling and sweepstakes is that the former involves consideration or risk (i.e., placing a bet or wager) while the latter does not necessarily require any payment or purchase. Another key difference is that gambling outcomes are typically determined by an element of skill or knowledge, while sweepstakes winners are chosen by random selection.

Overall, while gambling and sweepstakes may share some common elements, their fundamental differences in terms of risk, payment, and selection criteria make them distinct from one another.

Something went wrong with my game! What do I do?

Can I refund my donation from yesterday?

Is Fortune Cookie Live the only social gaming company to use Sweepstakes Prizes?

Sweepstakes are a widely recognized form of trade promotion that has been utilized by businesses worldwide for several decades to effectively promote their goods or services.

It should be noted that in accordance with the regulations governing such promotional activities, no purchase is required for participation in Fortune Cookie sweepstakes.

Upon receipt of the necessary documents in the appropriate format, we will undertake the verification process in a timely manner. The duration of this process will depend on whether the submitted identification or proof of account ownership meets the specified requirements. In cases where all criteria are met, the account verification process is typically finalized within 24 hours.

Fortune Cookie is not liable for any technical issues or malfunctions within the systems themselves. Our primary role is to create, manage, and redeem player accounts. In the event that an error has occurred due to our actions, we will promptly investigate the matter and take necessary corrective measures. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance for any other concerns or issues related to the game. All Issues related to the game itself is the responsibility of the gaming platforms themselves as we only host the games.

Play at your own risk

All donations 2 hours or older cannot and will not be attended to, please notify our agents within 2 hours of making a donation. Please note that all refund request will be denied and all chances of refunds after making a refund request will be voided due to the time change for the transaction only prompted refund request will be upheald thank you.

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